Hi, my name is Kyle P, also known as Kyle with the blue hair. I’m a doctoral student in the Organizational Leadership program at Adler University, and volunteer as Treasurer for Queercon. I work as a Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, Corp., improving developer tooling. Here, you will find a collection of my work, interests, and related resources.

My research interests largely encompass contemporary business, management, and social sciences at the intersection of digital technology and innovation. I believe that data collection and analysis can dramatically improve our understanding of our world and the efficiency of innovation, yet surveillance capitalism is a real concern that we must be vigilant against. Privacy and ethical decision-making are at the heart of big data and artificial intelligence advancements – it is up to each of us designing and building the latest technologies to understand the realities of social inequality and the impact our innovation may have on marginalized communities.

I intend to collect resources and references related to the intersection of artificial intelligence and surveillance capitalism with complex and dynamic leadership structures. I believe that, as generative AI becomes more commonplace in knowledge- and services-based industries, individuals will be free to explore traditional leadership functions as they navigate their technical prowess within collaborative environments. Traditional leadership roles may adjust accordingly, taking on more enabling and coaching roles to help with conflict resolution and task performance. Under this new model, existing social dynamics will not only increase in complexity but may disproportionately limit advancement of out-groups.

I estimate my dissertation journey to begin in 2025, away we go!